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What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Home

What Neighborhood Should I Live In?

Where you live affects everything about your lifestyle. Every. Single. Day. Read the above statement again and let it sink in. Why? Because finding a location that matches your wants and needs is so critical to your happiness in your home and in your daily life. Think about this … you can always change or […]

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Gift or Loan, Should family help you buy a home?

If you’re a buyer on a tight budget, your family may be able or willing to help you with your downpayment. If that’s the case, lucky you!  I know financial support from family is not an option for every buyer and I have many articles about other options on my website, but if you do […]

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Hi, I’m Rose Cabral and I demystify real estate for community activists, creatives and single women in Sacramento. 

Becoming a homeowner was a significant moment in my life. Once I got my keys I knew I wanted to make it easier for other single women to become homeowners and start building generational wealth.

I am an unconventional real estate agent focused on helping my clients become homeowners while at the same advocating for our unhoused neighbors. I envision a world with safe, affordable, and equitable housing for all.

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